Define the way you make coffee! The Schaerer coffee soul allows you to orchestrate the best coffee experience. Both hot and cold.

Its reinvented features helps the coffee soul create music to the ears of its users. With best foam technology that provides quality milk along with its 8 inch touch screen it’s a step above the rest and will make your heart beat faster.


  • Recommended output: up to 250 beverages per day
  • Compact width of just 33 cm that helps save on space
  • 8 inch touch screen
  • Maximum beverage variety and top quality thanks to Best Foam™
  • Best Foam™ allows for perfect barista milk every time as well as cold drinks
  • Dual Steam functions of automatic and manual milk frothing
  • Flexible milk cooling system with milk sensor
  • M2M Coffee Link that allows for data of the machine and helps plan for preventative maintenance
  • Easy to operate and clean


Schaerer Coffee Soul with fresh milk system