The first choice for connoisseurs and accountants


Schaerer Coffee Prime has got one of the easiest cleaning milk systems in the industry, no cleaning agent, no cleaning water, no cleaning time, just exchange a disposal NcFoamer once a week for a complete and hygienic system clean.


Do you want to keep your initial investment low and see how your coffee business develops before you invest more?

Then Schaerer Coffee Prime is the perfect solution for you.Thanks to its modular design and various degrees of expansion, this coffee machine can be conveniently retrofitted on location to meet your growing needs. That’s good for your budget and ensures that your investment remains sustainable and secure.

Schaerer Coffee Prime produces up to 40 freely programmable beverages containing coffee, fresh milk, milk powder, Choco powder, instant products and hot water – beverages of the highest quality at the press of a button.


  • Gourmet beverages at the press of a button
  • Perfect for self-service
  • Cost saving and environmentally friendly to operate
  • Minimal cleaning and maintenance
  • Successively expandable
  • More power with the Powerpack

Ideal for offices, cafés, universities, hospitals, sports centres, cultural events, workshops, filling stations, car dealerships

Schaerer Coffee Prime spares your wallet and the environment

  • Compact environmentally friendly disposable concept for the milk system. Components in contact with milk are simply exchanged, eliminating the need for chemical cleaning products
  • Minimised power consumption due to compact machine components
  • Fully insulated boiler with power-saving heating technology
  • Power consumption of less than 0.5 watt in standby mode
  • No cleaning required for the milk system NcFoamer (Non cleaning Foamer)
  • Automatic coffee system cleaning programme backed by animations
  • Side cooling unit with hygienic standards compliant with the HACCP analysis process

Schaerer Coffee Prime