The Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner specifically sets itself completely apart from your standard vending machine and instead offers variety, freshness and absolute quality.

Waiting for a flight, at the train station or at a conference. At work in a shopping center or in a canteen. Coffee that tastes great. Wherever you drink it.

Real coffee
Quality and taste at its best
Fresh milk and fresh beans
Modular and Versatile

Operation, service, and customisation
To guarantee optimum servicing and maintenance, the housing of the Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner can be opened at the front. This means that service technicians can easily access the well-protected components of the coffee powerhouse whenever required.

Intuitive operation and promo space
Using the 32” touch display, there is a large range of different coffee beverages. The clear and simple menu guidance provides further options and permits intuitive operation. The large screen also offers the option to create your own coffee recipes and prominently display promotional messages such as adverts or films, which is particularly helpful for branding and customer loyalty.

Schaerer Best FoamTM
To be able to offer a unique variety of beverages, the Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner is equipped with patented Best FoamTM technology. Best FoamTM can be used to offer custom coffee compositions of the highest barista standard; there are no limits to the creative options here. The quality of the silky, glossy, snow-white and extremely creamy and stable milk foam remains consistent from cup to cup.

In developing the Best FoamTM, the focus was not least on easy clean- ing of the system – the automated cleaning programme ensures maximum hygiene in just ten minutes.



Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner