We’re setting out on a whole new road. We took our coffee machines along the path taken by exceptional motorbikes.

We’ve chosen motorbikes that are the very symbol of personalization, freedom and character, and the combination is pure energy. Passion and experience have come together with a powerful personality and free spirit. The result? Café Racer.

The great revelation at Host 2015 and MICE2016 kept not only the customers at the fair holding their breath and bursting with curiosity, but everyone working in the world of coffee. The captivating design of Café Racer came about from a study of shapes and indissolubly blends memories of the past with visions of the future in three versions: Naked (with transparent sides), Freedom (with backlit sides that can be decorated at will), and Custom Renegade (with a kit of personalised accessories).

The combination of innovative technology and cutting-edge materials guarantees full compliance with present-day and future regulations governing the release of heavy metals (Lead Free), and was made possible thanks to the Sanremo’s R&D department in collaboration with the Sanremo World Academy Team (SWAT), a group of coffee experts with all sorts of different backgrounds who contributed to the creation of a machine that breaks all the barriers and is in a class all its own.

A new story is about to be told, get ready to experience it. The race is on!


  • Volumetric pump ensures high and constant pressure in all conditions (79.3 us gal - 300 l/h) high resolution volumetrics for greater accuracy and precise programmable dose settings
  • Flowactive system: for precise control of the water flow and pre-infusion time
  • Boiler water regeneration ensures resetting of the optimum chemical characteristics of the water and correct mineralisation.
  • Heart of steel for maximum thermal stability:
    - Groups in AISI 316l
    - Portafilters AISI 316l
    - Boilers AISI 316l
    - Steam Taps AISI 316l
  • Adjustable tray height (6oz to 16oz cups)
  • Programmable electronic pre-infusion allows management with 0.1 second precision of the flow of water that wets the coffee bed.
  • 4 different profiles for each group.
  • Cafe Racer is equipped with a digital display to control all the working parameters
  • System display control of all the machine functions: temperatures, pressures and levels.
  • Electronic pressure switch sensor with 0.02 bar precision that allows the chosen pressure and steam in the boiler to be kept constant in all conditions of use.
  • Independent adjustment of the PID infusion water temperature precision setting (gradient ± 0.5 °c with measured constancy lower than 0.2°c).
  • Programmable cup-heater temperature allows the cups to be kept at the optimum temperature in the most different climatic and environmental conditions.
  • Led lighting of the work surface allows efficient working in any condition of environmental lighting. 
    - Optional internal LED light for naked version only
  • Auto-diagnosis, statistical data, scheduled maintenance can be scheduled according to litres or number of coffees dispensed.
  • Professional cleaning cycle guided procedure for cleaning the coffee units.
  • Auto-on, auto-off and day-off function programmable on-off timer for each day and/or daily timetables
  • Energy saving system insulation and smart energy management to save up to 30% of energy
  • Easy service fast access to the internal parts for rapid and simple technical assistance

Sanremo Cafe Racer (Multi Boiler)