The PRO RO is designed for small / medium volume water applications for food service equipment. PRO RO systems feature an assembled and tested manifold assembly and is available in a range of models to suit your application. The system uses quick connect high capacity filter cartridge, a reverse osmosis membrane and teams up with a suitable tank and remineralisation.

BWT PRO RO Reverse Osmosis - Start Up Kit

  • 12/18 25Lph 8000L*

    15/18 35Lph 8000L*

    *Filters on average, depending on water quality and hardness


    Minimum incoming water pressure should be 400kPa - Use booster pump (call 1300MAZALI for more information)

  • Start-Up Kit: 

    2X Pre-Filters  - Scheduled Change (6-12mths)^

    RO Membrane - Change on TDS rejection performance (max 12 months)

    1X 10000L* BestMin Remineralisation System 

    1X Flow Meter

    1X Pneumatic 18L Water Storage Tank

    Fittings Kit

    0.5hr installation labour


    ^ Depending on water sediment

    *Filters on average, depending on water quality and hardness

    All Cartridges should be changed every 12 months Max