Inadequate water filtration is the LEADING cause of Machine Breakdowns and the voiding of manufacturer warranty. Mazali Filtration Analysis includes test and report via email.


Testing Parameters:

- TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)

- TH (Total Hardness)

- CO2−3 (Carbonate Hardness)

- PH (Potential of Hydrogen)

- FCL (Free Chlorine)

- TCL (Total Chlorine)

- HCL (High Range Chlorine)

- ClH₂N (Chloromines)

- FE (Iron)

- Alkalinity

- AL (Alkalinity)


On-site testing  - EXCLUDES call out.


Filtration Analysis

  • On recipt of your analysis request, we will send you:

    - Water Sample Container (via Express Aus Post - with pre-paid return satchel)