Reflecting la marzocco’s pursuit of perfection and expression of excellence.
The fb80 is ideal for locations where quality in the cup and design are equally important.

A dynamic preheater assembly ensures that water entering the coffee boiler is precise reducing temperature swings in the coffee boiler. An algorithm-based PID temperature controller further reduces temperature fluctuation in the coffee boiler. The group cap, which was designed by Piero Bambi, and an integrated ruby flow restrictor reduces channelling to ensure that water never leaves the saturated area of the coffee boiler, hence eliminating the introduction of temperature instability during brewing.

Dual Boilers
Separate boilers optimize espresso brewing and steam production.
Saturated Groups
Ensure unsurpassed thermal stability, shot after shot.
Digital Display
Intuitive programming makes it easy to adjust machine parameters.
Hot Water Economizer
Enables you to fine-tune the tap water temperature for tea.
Dual PID (coffee and steam)
Allows you to electronically control coffee and steam boiler temperature.
Ruby Flow Restrictors
Ruby flow restrictors resist scale formation and erosion.
Thermal Stability System
As water passes through each element, temperature is further stabilized.
Portafilters & Precision Baskets
Stainless steel portafilters and precision baskets improve your cup quality and consistency.


Fully Serviced:

Complete Rebuild

3x New Double Portafilter (Group) Handles with double baskets

1x Single Portafilter and Cleaning Basket

Fully Serviced including Taps/Wands/Group Heads/Safety Valves/Anti-vac Valve and Thoroughly Descaled

- 30 days manufacturer parts warranty


Electrical Safety Certificate Supplied



230/240V - 7360W - 32amp




955mm W x 627mm D x 485mm H


Steam Boiler Size (Thermal Insulated Stainless Steel) 11L

Coffee Boiler Size (Thermal Insulated Stainless Steel) 5L

3 Group La Marzocco FB80 - Black