A basic workhorse machine with a large 12Ltr boiler and 3500W (15amp) of element power so you can use both steamers without loss of pressure.


Each group head can be programmed to your set cup volume so there's no need to measure the shot to know when to stop.


Some cosmetic scuff marks but overall in very good condition and nothing more will be needed until it's next recommended general PM Service is due. (6mths 15+ kg/wk or 12mths 0-15kg/wk)


Can also be easily vinyl wrapped with whatever your imagination dreams.


Fully Serviced:

New Rotary Pump

New Element and Gasket

New Main Control Switch

2x New Double Portafilter (Group) Handles with double baskets

1x Single Portafilter and Cleaning Basket

Fully Serviced including Taps/Wands/Group Heads/Safety Valves/Anti-vac Valve and Thoroughly Descaled

- 30 days manufacturer parts warranty


Electrical Safety Certificate Supplied



230/240V - 3500W - 15amp




720mm W x 550mm D x 520mm H

2 Group Commercial - Verona Express